Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 23


Tel Aviv

Day 6 of the war

No early siren today! Because heavy IDF fighting and bombing markedly slowed bombing back into Israel, while huge quantities of heavy munitions, including medium range missiles were removed and destroyed by the troops. But 2 died, 3 were badly wounded. What are we, is Eric, fighting for, beside our lives? Apparently for already-won rights of mothers and sisters. Because who/what is 'Hamas'? Peek vicariously inside it, via Mr. Erdogan's Turkey, Hamas' good buddy, in this week's article (July 22) in the NYT. Here is short excerpt.

"Turkey's Culture Wars"

"...billboard with the Brazilian actress and model Adriana Lima advertising a hair-removal product — until, one recent day, she appeared in a full burqa. Someone had covered Lima head to toe in black spray. Next to the image, a mysterious hand had scrawled: “Do not commit indecency!”
... Turkey’s women clash over rings, ... tattoos, not to mention head scarves and skirt lengths. As the country becomes more polarized, the cultural gap between those who support the government and those who oppose it widens. environment where modern women ... feel more and more squeezed... An atmosphere of social inequality and intolerance persists. In cultural battles, women suffer more than men. Just like their counterparts who were forced to discard their head scarves so many years ago, uncovered Turkish women are feeling uncomfortable and unwanted in their own country."

(The only good part - if we now have to cover up, we could stop worrying about our hair.)

Google "Turkey's Culture Wars" for the whole article to sense a society cycling BACKWARDS. It wants the world to ride with it, in an age of spreading conservative Muslimhood. Hamas is well armed, but there are other hot spots. For example, Paris is bring affected from this cycle, from the outskirts in.

Cultures should blend, not clash. I want a croissant AND Turkish coffee. It's early days yet... Keep those good thoughts coming.

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