Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 18


Tel Aviv

Day 2 of the war

Friday 6pm, just stepped into shelter again. 5 intercepted rockets. Israelis and their dogs are almost louder than sirens and exploding missiles. 

Operation Protective Edge's number one aim is to take care of the large number of tunnels (next time Gazans might make real estate investments above ground to the benefit of civilian populations) since the bombs are being "dealt with" by Iron Dome. Except the ones strapped onto the backs of donkeys and pointed toward our soldier.  Clever? Cruel? Certainly surreal. No news from Eric as long as he's in Gaza  

9pm  New excitement: Visited a new bomb shelter - in Rishon le Zion - during Shabbat dinner at friends. Way to meet their neighbors, and their dogs. Now this could become a macabre travel log!

Shabbat SHALOM.

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