Friday, July 25, 2014

June 25

Friday pm, Tel Aviv Beach

You can't let yourself get numb to war. Every death affects a neighbor. My kid is there. Lots of kids are there. They're talking ceasefire again. I want a ceasefire. But I also know stopping in 2012 to let Hamas build tunnels, stopping early, is how our soldiers and gullible Gazans got here, now.

Wake up and smell the wet cement. Make Hamas build useful structures in Gaza, above ground, or let someone else do it. Statehood under Hamas did nothing for ordinary Gazans. Now their leaders are hiding in underground in armed bunkers or abroad in luxury hotel rooms. Their people huddle in crowded UN tents. There's plenty of room in empty, lighted tunnels. And Israeli citizens have almost perfected a technology to detect terror tunnels without risking their precious citizens' lives. 

What is religious ideology without humane leadership? I mean, really, which government would you rather live under?

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