Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Israel Turns 70

Looking out the window as the Memorial Day siren sounds, I remember when my kids were in uniform, and like any Mom, I remember the time when Israel was so much smaller. Before my eyes Israel has turned into a powerful country. Tel Aviv into a full-fledged high rise city. In just 70 years. To secure borders they once smuggled in weapons under the noses of the ruling British, and today’s Israelis invented the Iron Dome defense system, arguably the world invention of the decade. Plus too many medical advances to keep track (

The palate, like a gourmet’s waistband, has expanded. Food knowledge here is exploding. ( 

Ragtag shops offering odd, limited assortments of goods have grown into 2-story malls. Swiffers stand next to the old squeegees in modern supermarkets that are almost always located with a nearby option for coffee, some of the best in the world. Israelis have been making great cappuccinos decades before they became common in NY. And the number of AMPM and other 24/7 bodegas, late restaurant seatings and clubs make NY’ers look like they sleep at night. Which I won’t because the Tel Aviv municipality texted us (!) that the park across from our apartment is shooting off birthday fireworks - at 2am. 

Happy Birthday Israel. I cannot but wonder what you will look and feel and taste like at 100. 

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